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As recent high-profile data breaches have shown, one of the biggest risks to the security of data is vulnerabilities within open source software components. For example, the recent Equifax data breach, which exposed the personal information of over 140 million consumers, was the result of a known vulnerability in the Apache Struts 2 component - a Java framework for creating web applications. 

Sonatype's Nexus delivers powerful open source governance, putting the Sec into DevSecOps and securing the whole of the software delivery pipeline. 

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BDQ is proud to be a Sonatype partner and can offer implementation services from initial installation and training, implementation workshops, all the way through to integrating the Nexus Platform into the whole of your DevOps pipeline and CI/CD processes. 

We are also the only UK-based partner to offer a managed service, delivering a hosted solution for your development.

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