DataQA for Enterprise

See where and why data problems exist with drag and drop business rules. Rules can be fully customised to solve the most difficult problems, and business friendly reports show you exactly where the problems lie.

Read on to see the features and benefits, and how Phusis used DataQA on a global SAP standardisation project.

Case study: A global SAP standardisation project

"The approach is very agile, allowing the user to add a large number of rules and generate a comprehensive report very quickly... the product allows the user to test virtually anything...

The output of the tests come in a very clear format - showing the business exactly what needs to be changed and why, making the reports extremely powerful for the people who need to correct the data."

Jeremy Walker - Data Quality Consultant, Phusis.

Read the full story here, or get the case study.



Business friendly reports

Business-friendly reports show exactly, by row and value, where and why problem data exists.

  • Excel-based reports can be shared easily across business and technical teams
  • Consistent reporting for showing data problems across files and databases
  • Snap-shot and Trend reports
DataQA: business friendly reports in Excel


DataQA® shows you in advance where data will not support your project, technical or business goals.

  • Insight to problems reduces the cost and effort of uploading, migrating or monitoring data
  • Enables better planning and management of work to transform, cleanse or fix data
  • DataQA can be run repeatedly either interactively, or integrated into automated processes


DataQA: insight into data problems

Start quickly

DataQA’s library of drag and drop Templates let you hit the ground running.

  • Easily implement dozens of tests and see results from Day One
  • No proprietary skills required
  • Templates can be re-used many times against multiple sources
  • Examples include: field length; character type; regular expressions; min / max value, etc.
DataQA: drag and drop templates

Fully customisable

Templates can be fully customised to check data against your most complex business or technical rules.

  • Copy, extend or adapt existing Templates
  • DataQA has full access to the Microsoft .Net Framework and libraries
  • Built-in Template builder makes customisation quick and easy
DataQA: fully customisable


Rapidly capture column-level characteristics and information about your data.

  • Standard profile analysis e.g. Value and Pattern analysis, Data Type assessment, Null and Not Null indicators, etc.
  • Ideal for data discovery and initial analysis of unknown data sources
  • Can assist with the configuration and customisation of Templates
DataQA: column profiling


DataQA can be used interactively, or integrated into automated processes.

  • Manually run DataQA as frequently as needed…
  • …or as a batch process integrated with other systems or processes
  • Templates are maintained separately to data sources making any change in requirements or data structure easy to manage, unlike SQL or Macros
  • Easy integration through Web services, Command Line or API’s

DataQA: interactive or batch

Do more, faster

Up to 20x faster than conventional techniques at finding problems in data.

  • Drag and drop Templates to implement dozens of tests and see results from Day One
  • Templates can be fully customised to check data against your most complex requirements
  • Business friendly reports show exactly, by row and value, where problems exist and give a consistent way of reviewing different sources
  • In-memory architecture and 64 bit compatibility gives scalable performance
DataQA: do more, faster

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