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Whether you are a small company, or a global corporation, Atlassian products enable your teams to deliver their best.


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Great prices

We offer great prices on all Atlassian products and Marketplace plugins.

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Pay one simple annual maintenance payment even if you have multiple products.

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Get flexible payments terms via invoice. We also service G-Cloud customers.

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Server/Data Center vs Atlassian Cloud

We often get asked about the differences. Server and Data Center software licenses provide total control, and the greatest freedom for solving business problems, with Data Center providing the greatest scalability and uptime potential. Cloud is up and running with a credit card. Which option is best depends on your business requirements around uptime, flexibility, privacy, and the problems that you want to solve. Software licenses can be deployed and managed on AWS/Azure, and do not have to be run on prem. Talk to us about the outcome that you want, and we can advise on which solution is best.

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Jira Software - project and issue tracking

Manage anything, not just Agile software projects. Get the real time big picture with dashboards, kanban boards and reports. Prioritise and distribute tasks across your team. Off-the-shelf and customizable workflows allow tasks to flow naturally through your teams.

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Jira Core – business project management

Manage work for any business team. Be aware that there are slight differences between Core on Server vs Cloud in terms of the boards that you get. Contact us for more details.

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Confluence – document collaboration

Organize your work, created shared documents and collaborate on content. Make anything from meeting notes to product requirements, on-line, organized and accessible.

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JIRA Service Desk – IT service desk and customer service

Built on JIRA, JIRA Service Desk is easy to install and use, and lets you offer customisable digital services to internal and external customers. Includes automation, SLAs, workflows (including ITSM) and self-service portals. Do not buy another helpdesk solution until you have talked to us the pricing and features of JIRA Service Desk!

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HipChat – self hosted group chat and video

Team chat built for business. Share ideas and files. Includes group and private chat and conversations are persistent and searchable, includes video calling and screen sharing. Moving forwards, on the cloud this will be replaced by Stride, and Hipchat will be for self-hosting.

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Bitbucket – Git code management and collaboration

Distributed version control for professional teams. A collaborative Git solution that scales massively. On-cloud or install on your own servers.

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Free Mercurial and Git client for Windows and Mac. Say goodbye to the command line.

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Bamboo – CI/CD server, fully integrated with Jira

Automated builds, tests, and releases, tied together with a single workflow, with continuous delivery into each of your environments. Essential technology for DevOps automation.

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Statuspage – incident communication

Incident communication – the best way to keep customers and employees informed during downtime.

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