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Collaborate. Manage. Create. Whether you are a small company, or a global corporation, Atlassian products enable your teams to deliver their best.


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Great prices

We offer great prices on all Atlassian products and Marketplace plugins.

Aligned maintenance

Pay one simple annual maintenance payment even if you have multiple products.

Flexible payment terms

Get flexible payments terms via invoice. We also service G-Cloud customers.

Server/Data Center vs Atlassian Cloud

We often get asked about the differences. Server and Data Center software licenses provide total control, and the greatest freedom for solving business problems, with Data Center providing the greatest scalability and uptime potential. Cloud is up and running with a credit card. Which option is best depends on your business requirements around uptime, flexibility, privacy, and the problems that you want to solve. Software licenses can be deployed and managed on AWS/Azure, and do not have to be run on prem. Talk to us about the outcome that you want, and we can advise on which solution is best.

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