The Atlassian products and the ecosystem surrounding them provides an incredibly powerful and flexible software stack. These products can unlock the potential of teams across many different business functions to organise, discuss and complete work. However, this power and flexibility often creates questions about how to solve specific business requirements. We at BDQ are plan ...

Working with our customers to meet their business objectives is the most rewarding part of our business. We recently were engaged by Evolve, multi-award winning, software development company based in Leicestershire, UK. Read more in our case study.

Last week was Atlassian’s Summit conference in San Jose, California; three very full days of the latest announcements, product news and training from the Australian software giant.

In this guest blog Sanjay Zalavadia, VP of Client Services at Zephyr, describes different types of performance testing.

Remember how excited you were to receive your very first email?

Contrast that with how excited you were to recently wade through your inbox after being out of the office for a few days. 

Beat email overload with JIRA Service Desk and Outlook Integration for JIRA by catWorkX. 

Delivering IT projects brings many challenges for project managers and leaders.

In the first of a series of free webinars, join Chris Bland, CEO of BDQ, as he describes an end-to-end framework for project delivery based on the industry leading Atlassian and Zephyr test management products. From initial requirements, through development, testing and into production.

The following article was a guest post originally published on the Zephyr blog. 

Delivering IT transformation and change is hard. Working and managing on these programmes can be stressful, often because you are responsible for something which you feel that you cannot control. 

Is there a way past the maze of challenges when delivering IT transformation and change?

We've just come back from the biggest AtlasCamp yet - Atlassian's premier developer conference, this year held in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

In this guest post, Sanjay Zalavadia, VP Client Services at Zephyr, identifies the top 3 causes of agile project failure and suggests ways to avoid them. 

In our role as Zephyr expert partners, customers often ask us how to import existing test cases into Zephyr for JIRA or Zephyr Enterprise Edition. These might be in Excel, CSV, or perhaps they are held in another system, and need migrating. 

You can see the full article we wrote on Zephyr's website here. If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.